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Posts: 984
Met up with Daren yesterday after an ABDSP class. We decided to camp out at the end of Mine Wash. After a couple drinks, he commenced with a rather dubious photo shoot utilizing a pinhole camera he'd never used to take what ended up being mainly campfire pics. Not to be outdone, I pulled out a trail cam I'd never used and stuck it on a rock facing the main wash. Daren tossed a few piece of pita into the foreground for bait and back to the campfire (in a metal container of course smile) we went. Had very low expectations when I downloaded the card today but here are the pics:
I'm thinking this is a rabbit.

EK000025 by tomteske, on Flickr
Definitely a rabbit.

EK000029 by tomteske, on Flickr
This one kind of took me by surprise.

Trail Cam3 by tomteske, on Flickr
Another nice pose.

Trail Cam4 by tomteske, on Flickr
This was a pretty random placement on a rock behind my truck. Need to bring this camera out camping a lot more. Can't wait to see how the pinhole pics turn out, Daren. Enjoy. Tom

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