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Anza Borrego Desert from high atop Mount Laguna

by Administrator 13. November 2010 05:17
On a recent overnight camping trip to Mount Laguna I snapped this picture of the Anza Borrego Desert far below.If you look closely you can see the Salton Sea in the upper left of the picture.

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Sunrise Powerlink CPUC Hearing

by rbaran 26. February 2008 00:52
Sunrise Powerlink CPUC HearingI took a long lunch and drove to downtown San Diego to the California Public Utilities Commission meeting at the San Diego County Building. Of course downtown parking is a nightmare, so $13.00 later I showed up and signed in with the Sierra Club. I came to find later that there was free parking right next to the County building.  Note to self : read email thoroughly next time. We all stood around while the proponents of the PowerLink ; various politicians, business owners and SDG&E paid flunkies each got up and said how much we need the Sunrise PowerLink to ensure San Diego's economic future. It was rea... [More]

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Sunrise Powerlink

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