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Start of the 2011 Anza Borrego Wildflower Season ?

by Administrator 4. February 2011 21:11
Start of the 2011 Anza Borrego Wildflower Season ?My overnight Anza Borrego wildflower scouting trip began with a stop at New Leaf Biofuels in Barrio Logan. New Leaf is currently the only location in San Diego where you can buy B99 Bio-Diesel. I filled up 10 Scepter Gas Cans (50 gallons), helped Danny load them into the LandCruiser and headed east hoping to find a campsite before dark. By the time I arrived in Mortero Wash, I barely had enough light left to crank up the Maggiolina Tent, pull out the chair and open up a cold Bohemia. The desert sky was clear which was good and bad. The good is that I counted 5 or 6 shooting stars, the bad was that it meant nightime temperatur... [More]

Wildflowers , Cactus Blooms and Jackrabbits in the southern Anza Borrego Desert

by Administrator 25. March 2010 03:58
Wildflowers , Cactus Blooms and Jackrabbits in the southern Anza Borrego Desert03/25/2010 The wildflowers and cactus blooms have arrived in the southern Anza Borrego Desert When my sister Linda viewed last week's wildflower update post she insisted I take her on a mid-week flower hunting trip. After much arm twisting I agreed and here is what we found. We had this great encounter with a couple of Jackrabbits in Indian Valley. Once they realized that we weren't a threat they chased each other around the LandCruiser for a good ten minutes. Linda commented that it was probably some rabbit mating ritual being Spring and all.  Check the rest of the Wildflower Photos Here (Small Thumbnails) WildFlowe... [More]

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Anza Borrego Wildflower Season 2010

by surfponto 8. February 2010 20:16
It looks to be a great year for wildflowers out in the Anza Borrego desert due to the record rains we had in January. We are planning on heading out this coming Valentine's weekend to scout out some areas. From what I have been reading, late February into mid March will be the peak, so make your plans to head on out. This year I am extra excited since we finally picked up a decent camera. Hopefully you will be able to tell by the new pictures we upload. I am hoping to report back Monday so check back.  For now enjoy these pictures from our previous flower hunting trips. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park has a wildflower hotline for Anza ... [More]

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