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2011 Anza Borrego Wildflowers

by Administrator 9. April 2011 01:32
2011 Anza Borrego WildflowersCheck out some of the great wildflowers we have seen over the past few months out in Anza Borrego. Click photo to start the show.



Desert wildflowers and the amazing caves of Inner Pasture

by Administrator 7. March 2011 17:08
Desert wildflowers and the amazing caves of Inner PastureThe morning fog that was shrouding the coast, finally let up as we dropped down into Santee from the Mission trails summit. We were driving out to Anza Borrego to meet up with our hiking buddy Daren for a hike out to Inner Pasture. A majority of our hike would be just west of the Anza Borrego State Park on BLM administered lands.   Besides being one of the more isolated, beautiful regions of the Anza Borrego desert; the area is also a corridor for immigrant traffic, a fact we would soon substantiate by the clothing and water bottles discarded along the trail. First thing we noticed as we hiked up the wash towards Inner Pasture, was tha... [More]

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Start of the 2011 Anza Borrego Wildflower Season ?

by Administrator 4. February 2011 21:11
Start of the 2011 Anza Borrego Wildflower Season ?My overnight Anza Borrego wildflower scouting trip began with a stop at New Leaf Biofuels in Barrio Logan. New Leaf is currently the only location in San Diego where you can buy B99 Bio-Diesel. I filled up 10 Scepter Gas Cans (50 gallons), helped Danny load them into the LandCruiser and headed east hoping to find a campsite before dark. By the time I arrived in Mortero Wash, I barely had enough light left to crank up the Maggiolina Tent, pull out the chair and open up a cold Bohemia. The desert sky was clear which was good and bad. The good is that I counted 5 or 6 shooting stars, the bad was that it meant nightime temperatur... [More]

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