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Bighorn Sheep near Ocotillo

by Administrator 16. April 2012 04:09
Short video of Bighorn Sheep near Anza Borrego

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Anza Borrego Bighorn Sheep Count for 2011

by Administrator 5. July 2011 23:11
Anza Borrego Bighorn Sheep Count for 2011Daren who frequents the forum participated in this years annual Anza Borrego Bighorn Sheep count. The three day event, staffed by volunteers, was a great success.

During his watch Daren snapped this great shot from high above upper Hellhole Canyon. You can check out more of Daren's great BLOG at [More]

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Bighorn Sheep encounter on the 8 Freeway.

by Administrator 15. August 2010 17:57
Bighorn Sheep encounter on the 8 Freeway.Many people never see a Bighorn out in the Anza Borrego Desert. The once thriving Bighorn population has now dwindled to somewhere around 280 by official Park estimates. The Bighorns blend in very well with their environment and will stand still for hours making them impossible to see. On two previous occasions we have been lucky enough to encounter the elusive Bighorn. The first time was two hours into a hike to the Goat Canyon Trestle, while our second encounter was with a bachelor herd of Bighorn rams near Indian Hill in the southern end of Anza Borrego. Our latest encounter did not require a 3 hour hike and in fact occurred when Lin... [More]

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Penninsular Bighorn Sheep threatened again

by rbaran 10. October 2008 04:19
Penninsular Bighorn Sheep threatened againThe BigHorn Sheep that roam Anza Borrego are being threatened again. [More]

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