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Summer Sand Angels in the Anza Borrego Desert

by Administrator 15. July 2010 14:51
Summer Sand Angels in the Anza Borrego DesertIf you really want to escape the summer beach crowds of San Diego, but still want to play in the sand, you could always take a 2+ hour drive east to the Anza Borrego Desert. Our motivation was simple, June gloom had continued two weeks into July, shrouding the coast in clouds. We had forgotten what sunshine felt like. Mind you this is not journey for those who can't take a little heat. When we pulled up at the Carrizo Gorge turnoff, temperatures were already close to 100' and promised to rise throughout the morning. Suprisingly, we were not the only foolhardy souls out in Anza Borrego braving the  triple digit temperatures. When Mary ... [More]

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Carrizo Gorge trail to Goat Canyon

by Administrator 13. April 2008 05:07
Carrizo Gorge trail to Goat CanyonWell I have been studying Google maps as well as my GPS map software and it looked like it was possible to hike along Carrizo Gorge/Creek trail to the mouth of Goat Canyon . If you have been reading my BLOG you know that Goat Canyon is home of the world famous Goat Canyon Trestle. At two hundred feet tall and 750 feet long, it is one of the  tallest, longest wood trestles ever built often described as an engineering marvel or "the impossible railroad".  Previously, when it was somewhat legal, we hiked along the tracks from Dos Cabezas to reach the trestle and in another adventure, Mary Kaiel and I did a 3 hour hike from Morter... [More]

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Windy Anza Borrego

by Administrator 31. March 2008 15:05
Windy Anza BorregoRounded up the crew for an overnight trip to Anza Borrego's RockHouse Canyon. Great sunny weather but the wind at night proved to be a little much. Casualties were Kaiel's REI tent and a sleepless night for most of the campers.   Coffee and breakfast helped us recover and after breakfast we did a late morning hike up to the RockHouse Canyon linehouse where we were able to check out the numerous cactus blooms and desert wildflowers. Seems the wildflowers have reached their peak in this area and are starting to disappear but the cactus blooms are beginning to show.    Beavertail blooms in RockHouse Canyon ... [More]

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BJ70 in Anza Borrego

by Administrator 21. January 2008 04:57
BJ70 in Anza BorregoMary and I decided to take a quick overnight trip out to Anza Borrego. I was excited to go because we were finally going to get to 4-wheel the BJ70 which we bought a few months ago. The drive out from San Diego was non-eventful. The BJ70 who we are now calling "Opie", does great on flat stretches of freeway but when you hit hills patience and downshifting become your mantra. Once we arrived in the lazy, desert town of Ocotillo (I mean lazy in a good way) we decided to stop in for a beer at "The Lazy Lizard". After years of driving by this place it was fun to sit down in the one room bar with some of the Ocotillo locals.   After ... [More]

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Thanksgiving 2007

by Administrator 25. November 2007 01:01
Thanksgiving 2007We woke up early Friday, loaded the rest of the camping stuff into the Tacoma and drove out to Ramona to meet up with Jan and Gina. Hooked up with Michael in his diesel troop carrier and headed to Anza Borrego by way of Julian. We arrived at our camp site in the Carrizo Canyon East Fork area  and were pleasantly surprised to see it was empty. Everyone helped unload the wood, tables etc in preparation of our big Thansgiving feast. While the turkey was cooking, Mary and Sarah went for a hike and the rest of the crew opted to hang by the camp. Jan mixed up a great batch of bloody marys and we all sat around enjoying the Desert scenery.... [More]

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