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Hiking to the remote Carrizo Palms

by surfponto 2. December 2014 17:22
Hiking to the remote Carrizo PalmsWe parked the Land Cruiser and prepped for the hike up the remote canyon. Beautiful sunny morning as we began our hike up the East Fork of Carrizo Gorge. Most of the way to the palm grove is uphill, which fortunately meant we would have a downhill trek back the the Land Cruiser. Found one Mylar balloon on the way up. Unfortunately Mylar balloons can take years to biodegrade. Not sure what kind of footprint this was. It is good to be back in Anza Borrego. This one actually stuck in pretty deep. :O After a two hour trek up the East Fork we arrived at the Carrizo Palms. Plenty... [More]

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