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Carrizo Gorge Railway Hike

by surfponto 29. October 2012 19:15
Carrizo Gorge Railway HikeWe took a quick overnight trip out to Anza Borrego to hike the tracks a bit and explore the Indian Hill area. I had not been out to the southern Anza Borrego desert since they started construction of the Ocotillo Express wind farm and was saddened to see the damage. Where once stood large forests of Ocotillo, now resembled something out of an apocalyptic nightmare. The monstrous wind towers dwarfed anything around them and along with the huge SDG&E switchyard and imposing Sunrise Powerlink transmission towers have forever industrialized the tranquil desert around Ocotillo. Ironic isn’t it, that something marketed as "Green" has d... [More]

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Desert destruction begins in Ocotillo

by Administrator 16. May 2012 18:08
Desert destruction begins in OcotilloJim Pelley of Ocotillo graciously supplied these photos of the first day of the Ocotillo Express Wind Farm construction. Pattern's Earth Moving equipment has already caused substantial damage to the fragile desert outside of Ocotillo. Crushed Ocotillo plant. Ocotillo plants can live 60 years and there have been reported cases of 100 year old Ocotillo. Unfortunately this one had its' life cut short by Pattern's Earth Moving equipment. Another crushed Ocotillo plant. Good chance this dormant Ocotillo in the foreground won't be standing much longer My favorite part about this picture is the BLM L... [More]

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Local sentiment about the Ocotillo Express Wind farm

by Administrator 1. May 2012 00:40
Local sentiment about the Ocotillo Express Wind farmOcotillo residents are fighting to preserve 12,500 acres of desert habitat from being destroyed. The 465-foot-tall industrial Wind Turbines would be visible for miles. Large numbers of Ocotillo, the beautiful desert plant that gives the tiny desert town its' name will be destroyed. Picture hundreds of 465 foot tall metal wind turbines as far as the eye can see. Funny part was, when we were driving around the proposed project site this past weekend, there was barely a hint of a breeze. Coincidence?   What's at stake if the Ocotillo Wind project goes thru. Following photos were provided by Gidon and were taken from Piedras G... [More]

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Ocotillo Express Wind Farm Map

by Administrator 21. April 2012 00:26
Ocotillo Express Wind Farm Map In case you had any doubt that the Ocotillo Express Wind Farm is a huge project which will destroy miles and miles of desert habitat take a look at this interactive Google Earth Map. Thanks to Mojave Desert BLOG for the image which I then overlaid in Google Earth. Large Version

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Anza Borrego Foundation Alert - Ocotillo Express Wind Farm

by Administrator 19. April 2012 02:21
Anza Borrego Foundation Alert - Ocotillo Express Wind FarmThe Imperial County Board of Supervisors will meet to discuss whether or not to approve the March 28th Planning Commission's recommendation to grant a conditional use permit (CUP) and height variance for more than one hundred 425 ft. tall turbines on 12,000 acres of beautiful desert habitat adjacent to the southern boundary of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and surrounding the village of Ocotillo. We need a very large crowd of people who are opposed to this project to attend this public hearing! Anza-Borrego Desert State Park needs defending!  The park staff comments were suppressed so it is up to the people who love the park and who car... [More]

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BLM seeks public input regarding the Ocotillo Express Wind Farm

by Administrator 1. September 2011 04:37
BLM seeks public input regarding the Ocotillo Express Wind Farm After driving out to Ocotillo to voice my concerns over the proposed Ocotillo express Wind Farm, I came to realize that the  Bureau of Land Management's definition of "public input" was a bit inconsistent with mine. Representatives from the BLM, Imperial County officials and Pattern Energy were all given center stage, but when it came time for Ocotillo residents and others to voice their concerns, the presentation quickly came to an end.  We were told that this was an informational meeting only and comments would only be accepted via email and letters. Personally I think the whole project makes the BLM very uneasy.... [More]

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