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Flooding in Ocotillo and a mystery train at Dos Cabezas

by surfponto 10. September 2009 16:19
Flooding in Ocotillo and a mystery train at Dos CabezasBelieve it or not a week after my solo Torote Canyon trip I found myself camping in Mortero Wash with Mary. We were actually trying to scout out some places for our post Thanksgiving trip. Hilights of our overnight trip were : Flooding in the desert town of Ocotillo The mystery box cars in Mortero Wash Incredible red moon rising over the Salton Sea  Numerous jackrabbit sightings in Carrizo Creek.  Pie in Julian on the way out. :-) The evening temperature was perfect and the semi-full red moon was surreal. Wish I could figure out how to take moon pictures with my cheap Canon camera. Photo album is here.  

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Indian Valley to Sombrero Peak - Anza Borrego

by surfponto 18. January 2009 18:33
Indian Valley to Sombrero Peak - Anza BorregoAt 4229 feet Sombrero Peak is the highest point in the southern end of Anza Borrego Desert State Park. We have observed this impressive mountain over the years from various vantage points but never made the trek to the  top.  As Jerry Schaad describes it : "Climbing Sombrero Peak is a feat attempted by relatively few people, but not because of its height (4229 feet above sea level), which is quite modest. Rather, the peak is remote from paved roads, and its boulder-guarded flanks discourage those who are not willing to put up with either a long march to its base (from the west) or a shorter but sweaty eastern approach up from the d... [More]

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Thanksgiving 2007

by Administrator 25. November 2007 01:01
Thanksgiving 2007We woke up early Friday, loaded the rest of the camping stuff into the Tacoma and drove out to Ramona to meet up with Jan and Gina. Hooked up with Michael in his diesel troop carrier and headed to Anza Borrego by way of Julian. We arrived at our camp site in the Carrizo Canyon East Fork area  and were pleasantly surprised to see it was empty. Everyone helped unload the wood, tables etc in preparation of our big Thansgiving feast. While the turkey was cooking, Mary and Sarah went for a hike and the rest of the crew opted to hang by the camp. Jan mixed up a great batch of bloody marys and we all sat around enjoying the Desert scenery.... [More]

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