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Exploring Torote Canyon

by Administrator 17. January 2012 03:04
Exploring Torote Canyon"Looks like we have some pretty thick fog", Mary commented as we made our way east past Alpine towards Anza Borrego. What started out as an overcast morning on the coast transformed into a damp, drizzly mist that shrouded the freeway. Lucky for us, as we started our descent into the desert town of Ocotillo, the fog lifted and the mountains blocked any further advance of the wet weather. The S2 highway was deserted on this late Monday morning as we headed north towards the Indian Gorge turnoff. The Ocotillo plants swayed in the wind adding motion to an otherwise still desert morning. The wind, which was blowing hard at the Torote Canyon ... [More]

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Desert solitude in the heat of the summer

by surfponto 1. September 2009 05:00
Desert solitude in the heat of the summerWhile most people were trying to escape the record high temperatures by heading to the beach, I decided  to head out to Anza Borrego for the day. This trip would be solo since my claims of a fun desert adventure fell on deaf ears. Mary simply wasn't buying it. She said something about triple digit temperatures and that was that. She was right, the weather had been over 110' for the past week out in Ocotillo but that failed to dissuade me.  I dropped down into Ocotillo around noon figuring if I was going to experience the desert in the summer why not do it at midday when temps would be peaking? As expected, Ocotillo was a ghos... [More]

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