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Trains and Pictographs in Jacumba

by Administrator 26. February 2012 05:16
Trains and Pictographs in JacumbaI left the coast on an overcast morning with a cold north wind blowing.  Daren had invited me to check out some pictographs he had found around the Jacumba area so I was excited to make the trip.  Once I hit Lakeside the clouds disappeared and the clear blue skies beckoned me eastward. We had planned to meet at the Subway / gas station in Jacumba , so I arrived a bit early to pick up a sandwich. The place was busy with people heading east towing all types of sand toys. Funny how the desert means different things to different people. To some there is nothing better than blasting up the dunes at Glamis, while to others a quiet hike ... [More]

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