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Wildflowers and Pictographs in Southern Anza Borrego.

by Administrator 2. April 2011 17:25
Wildflowers and Pictographs in Southern Anza Borrego.This started out as one of those trips that looked like it might not happen.  First there was the over anxious border patrol agent that hassled me at the Mortero Wash checkpoint. I am not sure why he singled me out? Perhaps it was the combination of the sunglasses, beard and the Lazy Lizard baseball cap that aroused his suspicions?   Next as I pulled off at Indian Gorge, Daren was heading out in his big Dodge diesel looking a little stressed. OK sure I was an hour late (sorry Daren) but this looked like something else. He explained that while on a short morning hike, he got stung by an irritated bee which caused an allergic reacti... [More]

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