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Exploring The Slot and The Wind Caves

by Administrator 7. January 2013 00:46
Exploring The Slot and The Wind CavesWe were invited by our friends J & E to meet up for a day hike out in Anza Borrego. Our destination was a windswept area known as "The Slot", a narrow passageway through the eroded badlands below Borrego Mountain. After a short drive from J & E's Borrego Spring's home we exited the pavement onto the soft sand dirt road, and bounced our way towards the trail head. We parked the vehicles and followed the trail of footprints leading down into the maze below. Immediately the sandstone walls rose around us and we found ourselves squeezing through the ever narrowing labyrinth. At certain points we even had to turn sideways to fit thru bef... [More]

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