Anza Borrego | Anza-Borrego Desert State Park - A Tribute to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park - Journey through Anza BorregoOur tribute to the beautiful Anza Borrego Desert <br/>and the surrounding San Diego backcountry

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New Anza Borrego Desert Tribute Site

by surfponto 1. February 2016 17:44
Hi All, I am migrating my Anza Borrego site over to a new platform. I will slowly be moving trip reports over in the coming month so check it out when you have a chance. It is a bit of work but the new site will be mobile friendly and better search functionality.   You can check it here :   Thanks, Bob


Anza Borrego Desert Flower Report March 2015

by surfponto 9. March 2015 22:08
Anza Borrego Desert Flower Report March 2015The southern area of Anza Borrego or as I like to call it , "the forgotten side" of Anza Borrego is often overlooked when it comes to desert flower season. Desert flower seekers tend to frequent the well known locales near Borrego Springs and other more accessible areas of the park. While it is true those areas, can put on a spectacular display, unfortunately you usually get the crowds along with it. Our preference is to search out the hidden washes and canyons of the south, climbing up boulder littered hillsides and hopping over stands of cholla in an attempt to get that one perfect flower picture. The downside is that you tend to go home... [More]

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Hiking to the remote Carrizo Palms

by surfponto 2. December 2014 17:22
Hiking to the remote Carrizo PalmsWe parked the Land Cruiser and prepped for the hike up the remote canyon. Beautiful sunny morning as we began our hike up the East Fork of Carrizo Gorge. Most of the way to the palm grove is uphill, which fortunately meant we would have a downhill trek back the the Land Cruiser. Found one Mylar balloon on the way up. Unfortunately Mylar balloons can take years to biodegrade. Not sure what kind of footprint this was. It is good to be back in Anza Borrego. This one actually stuck in pretty deep. :O After a two hour trek up the East Fork we arrived at the Carrizo Palms. Plenty... [More]

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Elephant Knees

by Administrator 31. March 2014 17:21
Elephant Knees Last weekend during a trip to Fish Creek we stopped to snap a shot of Elephant Knees in the Split Mountain Region of the Anza Borrego desert.   The Ocotillo seemed unaware of this year's drought and put on a nice display of blooms.  Tweet this //

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The Forgotten Prehistoric Forest of Anza Borrego

by Administrator 17. February 2014 20:44
The Forgotten Prehistoric Forest of Anza BorregoWe took a quick day trip out to find the remnants of the ancient petrified forest in the Anza Borrego Desert. Millions of years ago the landscape of Anza Borrego was quite different. Instead of large expanses of dry desert, the area was covered with rivers, streams, woodlands and creatures long since forgotten. Annual rainfall was estimated to be close to 25 inches or more a year which is a far cry from the current 5-6 inches a year. The expanding Colorado River delta eventually covered up the forests, burying the trees for millions of years leaving a snapshot in time.  Thanks to a clue from a member of the Anza Borrego Forum, we set ... [More]

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Fish Creek - Split Mountain

by Administrator 4. November 2013 22:38
Fish Creek - Split MountainAnza Borrego Off Road - Driving through Split Mountain in Anza Borrego [More]

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Anza Borrego Desert Visitor's Center

by Administrator 1. April 2013 22:11
Anza Borrego Desert Visitor's CenterVisiting the Anza Borrego Desert State Park Visitor's Center [More]



Galleta Meadows Slideshow

by Administrator 4. March 2013 01:47
We spent the morning exploring the amazing artwork of Richard Breceda around Borrego Springs. Back in 2008 Breceda was commissioned by Dennis Avery of Avery Denninson label fame, to create the life size metal sculptures and place them around his vast desert property called Galleta Meadows. The life size sculptures bring to life, creatures that roamed the area from prehistoric to modern times. In our short tour we found mastadons, large dinosaurs, sabre tooth tigers as well as a 350 ft serpent that seemed to pass directly under the road (not sure how that one fits in but)    The late Mr. Avery... [More]

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Snow in the Anza Borrego Desert

by Administrator 25. February 2013 18:22
Snow in the Anza Borrego DesertOur friends Jon and Elena who reside in Borrego Springs forwarded me this great shot showing the results of our recent snow storm in east San Diego. This one was taken heading down the Montezuma grade.

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Best of Anza Borrego

by Administrator 20. February 2013 18:23
Compilation of some of our best Anza Borrego Trips It is really hard to pull out a "best of" trips since every trip has its' own merits. We have been exploring the Park for years and still feel there is so much more to see. The above slideshow of trips, are one's that have been memorable . Some are quick 30 minute hikes while others take a bit more effort and may not be suited for everyone. Some areas are sensitive and are best left undiscovered. Please do not ask for locations of pictographs. Do the research and explore. Simply click on the image and you will be taken to that particular trip report. As we explor... [More]

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