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Native American Rock Art and Artifacts in the Anza Borrego Desert

 Blue Sun Cave at Indian Hill - Anza Borrego Desert

 The Blue Sun Cave at Indian Hill

 Blue Sun Cave Pictographs


 Close-up of Sun Pictograph 

 Blue Sun that gives the cave its' unofficial name


Carrizo Gorge Pictographs - Anza Borrego Desert


 Rumarosa Style Pictographs deep in Carrizo Gorge

 The Carrizo Gorge Pictographs have a haunting feel to them


 Carrizo Gorge Pictographs


Solstice Cave in Indian Valley - Anza Borrego Desert


Bright Sun Pictograph in the Solstice Cave

Sun Pictograph with line coming out of it.

What could this symbolize?

Rock Shelters in Rockhouse Valley - Anza Borrego Desert


One of three rockhouses in lower Rockhouse Valley

Side view of one of the rockhouses

Piedras Grandes - Anza Borrego Desert


Horse and Rider Pictograph - Piedras Grandes

Rain-filled Morteros - Piedras Grandes


Yoni (Female Fertility Symbol) - Piedras Grandes


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