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Brunton Solaris 52 Review

OK so I broke down and purchased the Brunton Solaris 52.

If you are in the market for one of these cool camping accessories, my advice is to shop around. The price is all over the board and I finally ended up finding it for $300 less online.

First thing I noticed is that the size is much bigger than my Brunton Solaris 26. This is to accomodate the additional panels.

Brunton Solaris 26 Brunton Solaris 52

It was a bit of a problem to find a surface area that would allow it to lay flat but I figure that the extra capacity is worth it.   

On our recent camping trip out to Anza Borrego the panel worked great. In fact I could simultaneously run the Engel MT-45 refrigerator and trickle charge the Optima deep cycle battery. On our second day of the trip I was able to run the Engel directly off the panel from 10AM to around 3:30PM which was when the sun dipped over the canyon wall.

Anza Borrego Camping with the Brunton Solaris 52 Anza Borrego Camping with the Brunton Solaris 52

It is nice to know that if you are stranded with a Engel fridge and a Brunton Solaris 52 you can at least enjoy cold beverages. 

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