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Kelly Kettle

We recently purchased this ingenious device called a Kelly Volcano Kettle...

...which is a highly efficient way to boil water and/or cook food. The best part is that it only requires a small fire which you can start with any type of brush, twigs or leaves. No need to carry fuel ! Smile 

In our initial test we had boiling water in less than two minutes. It is a great carbon-neutral, eco-friendly way to add to your camping experience.

First step is to start a small fire in the Kelly Kettle base. Small twigs and leaves work great.


Once fire is going carefully place the water filled Kelly Kettle on top of base.


You can add more fuel through the chimney if needed. Careful, the flames will begin to come out the chimney top at this point.


Notice flames coming out of top of chimney.


After a couple minutes the water will be boiling. Grab wooden handle and lift Kelly Volcano Kettle off fire. To pour you simply use the stopper chain to tilt.

We chose the middle size of the three available sizes which seemed like a good compromise since it holds 37.2 ozs. of water.

This will ensure I can make coffee for a few people around camp. We also chose the stainless steel Kelly Kettle over the aluminum since I am a bit paranoid about cooking with aluminum.

To purchase your own Kelly Volcano Kettle and support this site you can purchase your own

Kelly Kettle through Amazon

See you in the Desert,


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