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Scepter 20 Liter Military Fuel Can

Scepter MFC Military Fuel Can

Scepter MFC (Military Fuel Can)

These military grade 20 Liter fuel cans are basically indestructible. They are not available to civilians but can be found used either on EBay or from certain military surplus stores.

They are great for camping and disaster preparedness. Unfortunately the prices have gone through the roof due to the limited supply available. The upside is that they should last a life time under normal use. Be sure to use a viton gasket if you using these for gasoline. The rubber gaskets found on most military surplus cans do not hold up to gasoline and will swell, cracking the retainer.

The colored straps are used to designate the fuel type in the can since Scepter MFCs are used for multiple fuel types. Red strap designates gasoline, yellow strap designates diesel fuel while the tan or brown straps usually designates miltary surplus can.

The three handles each support the full weight of the can and are used to carry multiple cans with one hand. The internal air vent in the can ensures fast pouring and mimimizes glugging.

Since that are heavy duty HDPE plastic,rust is not an issue and these can be banged around pretty good. Scepter cans are a great investment.

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