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Military Issue Heavy Duty Water Cans

There is nothing more important than water when you are traveling to the Desert.

After years with wrestling with various forms of grocery store water jugs we finally settled on the military issue MWCs or Military Water Cannisters. I had purchased a couple a few years back from a manufacturer in Canada called Scepter who also makes the famous MFCs (Military Fuel Cannisters) that the U.S. and Canadian miltary currently use.

Problem is these are getting really hard to find now that Scepter no longer sells to the civilian market. There are one or two online sources where these are available but they tend to be expensive as they are a desireable item.

These water cannisters are awesome for camping, disaster prepardeness and 4-wheeling. These Water cans are great, they are very thick and of very good quality. You could run your truck over it and besides a few scrapes it would still hold water.
Quite simply these are the best quality water jug you can purchase to fuel your desert adventures. Smile

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