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BJ70 in Anza Borrego

by Administrator 21. January 2008 04:57

Mary and I decided to take a quick overnight trip out to Anza Borrego. I was excited to go because we were finally going to get to 4-wheel the BJ70 which we bought a few months ago. The drive out from San Diego was non-eventful. The BJ70 who we are now calling "Opie", does great on flat stretches of freeway but when you hit hills patience and downshifting become your mantra.

Once we arrived in the lazy, desert town of Ocotillo (I mean lazy in a good way) we decided to stop in for a beer at "The Lazy Lizard". After years of driving by this place it was fun to sit down in the one room bar with some of the Ocotillo locals.


After leaving the Lazy Lizard we pointed the BJ70 towards the north and our camp site in Carrizo Canyon. It was getting dark as we arrived  so we quickly setup the tent. No roof top tent this time since the racks would not accommodate the clips of the tent. This was discovered after Mary, Kaiel and I had already hoisted the tent up onto the lifted BJ70...ouch.

The next morning we took a quick run up to Egg Mountain to check out the view. Egg Mountain is around 900' in elevation and offers an excellent view of the Carrizo Creek/Canyon area. Highly recommended! 

The next stop was Canyon Sin Nombre. We dropped down into the twisty canyon and spent the morning exploring the mud caves and slot canyons in the area. The area has a prehistoric feel to it and you expect a dinosaur to pop out at any time. As is true with much of Anza Borrego this area was once the northern part of the Gulf of California and was completely underwater.

We are convinced that this coming Spring the Desert will have loads of flowers dues to all the rain we have received in the past few months. There are signs of green grass popping up anywhere. We will cross our fingers. Smile

You can check the pictures here.

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