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by Administrator 14. March 2008 01:03

Since free weekends were disappearing faster than the money in my checking account I decided to take a solo mid-week trip out to Anza Borrego . I had read that the flower season was going to be "peaking" in the first two weeks of March so I was really anxious to check things out.  

I left Leucadia around 3:30 PM on Wednesday, topped off the BJ70 with bio-diesel in El Cajon and dropped down into Ocotillo around 5:30PM.  Not bad considering the Bj70 with its' 90 hp diesel motor does not like hills and the trek out via Interstate 8 is nothing but hills. Basically the 8 will take you from sea level to 4500' then drop you back down to sea level around the town of Ocotillo..

I ended up camping on Egg Mountain which is near the mouth of the Carrizo Creek / Gorge jeep trail. What's nice about Egg Mountain is that at an elevation of 900' you get a 360' view of the surrounding desert. The area was blanketed with flowers as far as the eye could see. Since it was dusk the lighting was pretty good but I decided I would wait until morning to take flower pictures.

Ocotillo Bloom Egg Mountain  Sunrise from Egg Mountain Anza Borrego Egg Mountain CampSite 

Ocotillo Bloom at Dusk

Sunrise at Egg Mountain

Morning at camp

The next morning I had barely brewed my first cup of coffee  and looked down and saw a scorpion. He was busily heading on a path that would have taken him directly over my foot. I managed to snap a few pictures but he was a bit camera shy and very fast.

Scorpion on Egg Mountain that charged my foot.

Desert WildFlowers

Indian Paintbrush in Anza Borrego

Scorpion that charged my foot

Desert Dandelions.


After breakfast I drove down Carrizo Gorge trail and parked at the entrance to Rock House Canyon. I was really anxious to try out this new GPS I purchased off Amazon. I set a waypoint at the start of my hike and headed up the wash in the direction of the cattlemen's line house. The flowers were intense. Everywhere you looked the ground was carpeted with colors of yellow, pink or blue. I didn't notice too many flowers on the cholla and other cacti so i am guessing that will happen later.

The hike up to the linehouse took about an hour and was around 2.7 miles according to the GPS.

Desert Sunflowers frame the linehouse

Desert Sunflowers

Hiking mid-week in the Anza Borrego Desert by yourself is interesting. The only sound you hear besides your foot steps are the various creatures going about their routines and birds sounding an alarm that you are approaching.
Using the GPS made all the difference. Although I have hiked this wash before it is really nice to know how far you are from your truck and what direction it is in.

Anza Borrego SOLO Trip Pictures

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