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Windy Anza Borrego

by Administrator 31. March 2008 15:05

Rounded up the crew for an overnight trip to Anza Borrego's RockHouse Canyon.
Great sunny weather but the wind at night proved to be a little much. Casualties were Kaiel's REI tent and a sleepless night for most of the campers.
Coffee and breakfast helped us recover and after breakfast we did a late morning hike up to the RockHouse Canyon linehouse where we were able to check out the numerous cactus blooms and desert wildflowers.
Seems the wildflowers have reached their peak in this area and are starting to disappear but the cactus blooms are beginning to show.

 Beavertail blooms in RockHouse Canyon  HedgeHog Cactus with blooms

On the way back to the campsite, we were lucky enough to see a flat-tailed horned lizard thanks to eagle-eye Linda. He was camoflauged so well you couldn't even see him with the camera view-finder.
 Can you spot the flat-tailed horned lizard?  BJ70 Base Camp

Another wildlife encounter came in the form of a rattlesnake moving down the jeep trail in Carrizo Gorge. Mark's son Tim was able to snap this picture as the rattler moved away. 


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