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Sunrise Powerlink Final CPUC Hearing

by rbaran 13. May 2008 04:38

You would think that the Monday 1PM schedule would deter many Sunrise PowerLink opponents from making the trek out to Borrego Springs for the final CPUC hearing. 
Not true!
Current SDG&E ROW in Anza Borrego Desert State ParkThis is a passionate group of grassroots people who don't want unnecessary 500 KW powerlines strung through protected California State Park land and pristine San Diego back country.

This hearing was different in a couple ways. First it was the only time that 4 of the 5 CPUC Commisioners would be present and second it was the last chance for the public to express their concerns, opinions, and views to the CPUC.

Sunrise Powerlink RunWhile most attendees such as myself merely had to endure  drizzle, thick fog and road construction to get to the hearing, Dennis Trafecanty , a Sunrise Powerlink opponent, ran 50 miles overnight throught the Desert  to arrive at the Borrego Springs Resort by 12 noon. How is that for making a statement ?!

Another hilight was the banner that the Sierra Club put together with all of the postcards that were collected at Earth Day. During Micah's public comment a group of us walked the banner in (all 27' of it) and paraded it in front of the commissioners. Pretty fun to do and I think it was very effective.

I am glad there were so many people that were willing to drive out to Borrego to voice their opinions against this ridiculous proposal. Besides the core group I am starting to notice some new faces so it looks like the word is getting out. Now we wait until we hear from the CPUC. They are expected to make a decision sometime this summer so check your local papers and the Smart Energy Website for updates.


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