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Sunrise Powerlink has been approved by the CPUC

by surfponto 18. December 2008 22:26

The CPUC in its' ultimate wisdom (read with sarcasm) voted 4-1 to allow SDG&E to build the Sunrise Powerlink along the proposed southern route. The 123 mile transmission line dubbed the "Renewable Energy Superhighway" by supporters will not even be required to carry clean renewable energy.

In all fairness I should say the one nay vote was Commissioner Grueneich who proposed that SDG&E be required to transmit power from renewable energy sources over the line. SDG&E refused this proposal as did President Peevey whose decision won. 

So what does this mean for we as San Diegans?

  1. We get to pay 2 Billion dollars for the construction of this massive project which will increase our rates.
  2. We get to sit back and watch as our pristine back country is scarred by massive transmission lines.
  3. We become more dependent on foreign energy sources whether from Mexico or Indonesia
  4. We become further reliant on a large utility company.

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Sunrise Powerlink

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