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Pinyon Ridge Solo Backpack Trip

by Administrator 19. April 2010 16:54

Join David, a member of our Anza Borrego Forums, as he hikes up the Wilson Trail for a solo overnight backpack trip.

The trail to Pinyon Ridge is called the Wilson Trail. It follows an old Jeep road for about 5 miles and ends in a beautiful little valley just to the east of Wilson Peak.
This is the sign that greets you as you pull off S-22 and head for the trail head.

As the trail began I gained ground quickly and then dropped down and gained more until I had a view of Cuyamaca Peak off to the west.

Eventually I gained enough elevation that I saw the first of many Pinyon Pine trees.

As I climbed the last hill up to the small valley where I would make camp I looked off to the north and saw down into Borrego Springs.

After dropping my pack at the campsite I headed up Wilson Peak and had a 360 degree view. Here is a very nice Pinyon Pine tree and Whale Peak in the distance.

There was an okay sunset on Saturday night.

But the sunrise Sunday morning was spectacular. If you look close you can see the reflection of the Salton Sea.

Here is a picture of my campsite for the night. I did not bring a tent and did not need it as the sky was overcast but no rain.

As I was leaving my camp and heading back to the jeep I passed these two huge and healthy Pinyon Pines that mark the place where I would leave the peaceful little valley and begin the hike out.
On the way out I passed this Picture Rock.I saw what I think is Mountain Lion scat.And saw many many beautiful little flowers.

There were lots of these plants blooming however for each one of these I saw blooming there were at least 10 more ready to explode into color.

On the drive home I passed by Lake Henshaw. The valley around the lake is so green and covered with many flowers. The orange in the foreground are California Poppies.

It was an amazing backpacking trip. I have done this hike 6 or 7 times over the years and this was the third time I did it solo as a backpacking trip. The view from the top of Wilson Peak and from the eastern edge of Pinyon Ridge is wonderful. It is a pretty easy hike but it does cover about 10 miles with lots of ups and downs going in and coming out. The trail (old jeep road) is easy to follow and takes you to a cool elevation. If you do this hike you will NOT be disappointed.

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