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Anza Borrego Thanksgiving Camping Trip 2010

by Administrator 29. November 2010 05:15

LandCruiser in Rockhouse Canyon - Anza Borrego

Our annual Anza Borrego Thanksgiving camping trip is something we always look forward to. While it sounds like a big hassle to lug all the food, tables, barbecues and drinks out to the desert, the rewards of sunshine and desert solitude are worth it.
Nightime temperatures were in the the low 30's, but the Maggiolina Rooftop Tent kept us pretty warm. We camped in  Carrizo Gorge, which is our favorite area of Anza Borrego, and did day hikes up the East Fork as well as Four Frogs Canyon.

The Ocotillo are simply amazing this time of year. During the dry summer months the Ocotillo resemble dried up sticks poking out of the desert soil. Once the winter rains start  they become a brilliant emerald green.

Amazing Ocotillo in Carrizo Gorge - Anza Borrego

I am going to keep this post short since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so choose one of the links below to see our trip report.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone,Smile





Thanksgiving in Anza Borrego Slideshow (JQuery)

Thanksgiving in Anza Borrego Pictures (Large Thumbnails)

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