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Start of the 2011 Anza Borrego Wildflower Season ?

by Administrator 4. February 2011 21:11

My overnight Anza Borrego wildflower scouting trip began with a stop at New Leaf Biofuels in Barrio Logan. New Leaf is currently the only location in San Diego where you can buy B99 Bio-Diesel. I filled up 10 Scepter Gas Cans (50 gallons), helped Danny load them into the LandCruiser and headed east hoping to find a campsite before dark.Danny fills up my Scepter Cans with B99 BioDiesel at New Leaf BioFuels

By the time I arrived in Mortero Wash, I barely had enough light left to crank up the Maggiolina Tent, pull out the chair and open up a cold Bohemia.

The desert sky was clear which was good and bad. The good is that I counted 5 or 6 shooting stars, the bad was that it meant nightime temperatures were going to be chilly.

After my second Bohemia I realized that in my haste to load up the 10 gas cans, I had forgotten to bring firewood. Looked like there wasn't going to be a third Bohenia, it was going to be an early night.Frown

ALien Rock face near Piedras Grandes - Anza BorregoThe next morning I did some bouldering around Piedras Grandes looking for cool stuff. I did find this crazy alien rock face that I had not seen before.

The Piedras Grandes area of Anza Borrego is known for its' numerous archaeological sites. I am not sure if the boulder had been enhanced by some long lost native american tribe....or simply dropped there by some alien visitors. Wink

After exploring a bit I drove down into Canyon Sin Nombre and out towards the Carrizo Creek wash. I had planned to try to find the Old Carrizo Stage Station but was turned around by deep water in the creek. My Landcruiser probably would have been fine but the fact that it was mid-week with not a soul around, meant that I was in for a long hike if I got stuck.

I explored the area by foot for a couple hours, got lost for at least half of that time and then headed home.

 Huming Bird near agave in Mortero Wash - Anza BorregoMonkey Flower Blooming in Anza Borrego

The wildflowers have not come up yet in the southern part of Anza Borrego. There was one lone blooming agave in Mortero Wash and a small patch of Monkey Flower but it looks like it will still be a couple more weeks possibly into early March until we see the peak.

Stay Tuned .....

Trip photos are here.


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