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Borrego Days 2011

by Administrator 24. October 2011 01:00

Galleta Meadows - SerpentBorrego Days marks the start of the desert season in Anza Borrego. Temperatures are beginning to drop from their summer highs allowing hikers, campers and 4-wheelers to return and enjoy the beautiful Anza Borrego Desert. 

Unlike most of our trips to Anza Borrego, the Maggiolina Rooftop tent, propane stove and other various types of expedition gear were left behind. We had an invite to stay with friends in Borrego Springs at their beautiful rancho style home. (Thanks Jon and Elena) Smile

After a quick morning hike along the old De Anza trail, Mary and I headed over to the Borrego Days festival, checking out some of the Galleta Meadows sculptures on the way. 

We loved the amazing detail of the new 350-foot serpent sculpture that seemingly emerges from beneath the desert sand. Artist Ricardo Breceda has outdone himself with this one. It is by far our favorite. Smile

Once in town we chased down the trailer that was possibly carrying the newest addition to the Galleta Meadows collection. At the festival we checked out some of the local artist exhibits, walked around the classic car show exhibit and ate some great tamales.

On our way out we once again passed by the trailered stagecoach sculpture, wondering where it would finally end up being placed. Guess we will have to find out on our next trip

Borrego Days 2011 Photos

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