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Baja Pictographs similar to Indian Hill Pictographs.

by Administrator 6. July 2012 23:56

In one of Baja's most picturesque desert landscapes filled with Boojum Trees, massive Cardons and truck sized boulders; there is an ancient cave filled with colorful geometric shapes and humanesque forms.

Credit for these colorful pictographs is given to the Cochimi Indians who inhabitated a significant portion of Central Baja thousands of years ago.

We set out in the noontime desert heat and made our way up the sandy swithchback up towards the cave. The triple digit temperatures quickly dropped as we entered the large cavern.

There we were greeted by bright yellow, orange, red and black etchings that were remarkably similiar to the drawings we had previously encoutered at Indian Hill far north in the  Anza Borrego desert. The pictographs depict human figures surrounding a sunburst, which makes sense given the hot dry environment that was their existence.

The similiarity between the polychrome sunburst and the blue sun at Indian Hill is remarkable given the distance between the two.

Sunburst Pictograph -  Catavina, Baja California Blue Sun at Indian Hill - Anza Borrego


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