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Posts: 370
Looks like there will be more chances to hike in the rain this week and maybe snow if the level drops low enough. Yesterday afternoon the snow level was ~6000 feet, Rabbit was dusted. I was not hiking Rabbit. I hiked elsewhere in the park and got soaked after midmorning.

I was not expecting or looking for sheep. I didn't know they frequented the area we were hiking in. I heard the rams cracking heads first before finally spotting them. There were ~20 on the slope. This is the most sheep I have seen in one place outside BPC or the Santa Rosa Mountains. I don't know which ewe band the sheep belong to. The sheep were far away and the light was poor so none of the photos are that great.

There are at least eight in this picture:

The park service must know they are here because some of the ewes were wearing the biologist mandated tracking devices:

Braving the cholla minefield:

Freshly decapitated cacti that still smelled like sheep:

Some extra pictures from a couple weeks ago I hadn't posted yet:

How to scratch an itch with four legs and no arms

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