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Posts: 491

Posts: 491
we have been out the last couple of weekends just enjoying the Desert...here are some pics

Slippery as snot a couple weeks ago in and around Split Mountain! decided to stay out of the washes and bring the rhino along

Everything was a mess!

and with the mess the fun began!

coyote tracks

we checked out the ancient beach line near superstion of Lake Cahuilla and came across this...anyone have an idea what this is?

c02 canister or bomb?

Just when we thought we were avoiding the washes we came across this

fun day playing in the mud smile

Brenna handling the rig on the jeep trails

cold and freezing in San Diego, warm and sunny in Blair Valley

I love this camp spot smile

nice illegal fire

Nolina fruit

awesome smoke tree

the wildest one I have ever seen

Hit up Indian gorge last saturday...Daren I think we just missed you guys

Hanging out relaxing on the best memorial day ever in the Desert

with all the rain we wanted to check out Oriflamme to see if any water and NOTHING....we went pretty far upstream

so we headed to a man made oasis butterfield ranch....we stopped by agua caliente and there must have been 100 people in the outdoor pool and butterfield was vacant: although the water was brisk

Headed back to Little Blair for the night...can't believe the temps we have had lately...starting to warm up and we are headed to Northern cali, and the Pac. Northwest for the next couple of weeks smile

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