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Posts: 984
Had a chance to spend a few days out in Canebrake Valley with Daren a couple weekends ago. Wanted to head out again this weekend but apparently it's hot today!

Canebrake Weather by tomteske, on Flickr

Parked in North Fork of Indian Canyon and took the trail north over the saddle into Canebrake. Daren wanted to see if he could relocate the ejection seat from the nearby T-33 crash site that he previously found but didn't have a point for. Definitely in the middle of nowhere but he found it.

T-33 Seat and Daren by tomteske, on Flickr

T-33 Seat by tomteske, on Flickr

T-33 Seat Belt by tomteske, on Flickr

About 350 yrds SW on a course that would roughly line up the seat and crash site, we came across some electronics presumably from the jet. The canopy and trainee ejection seat were recovered immediately after the crash so it may have been from one of those items

IMG_2023 by tomteske, on Flickr

Was so windy we had a hard time meeting up after the search since we couldn't hear each other yelling less than 100 yrds apart. Even my super loud whistle was inaudible. Settled on a semi protected camp site near some dunes and dampened the wind noise that night with a dab of 60% water smile

The next day we headed up the canyon making a detour to a spot I'd previously stumbled upon with a lot of sherds and flakes. While Daren explored nearby, I ended up finding six points scattered across the sand. Here's some of the better looking ones. All were Cottonwoods or Desert Side Notches except one obsidian awl. All were broken. Found one more the next day to make seven total for the trip.

IMG_2029 by tomteske, on Flickr

IMG_2035 by tomteske, on Flickr

IMG_2038 by tomteske, on Flickr

IMG_2048 by tomteske, on Flickr

By the side of the road, there were a couple buried 55 gal drums with their lids off. One had become an animal trap. Several mice carcasses, one near dead whiptail? with a bloody bite mark, two feisty spiny lizards and a red racer were inside the deepest one. Daren scooped the whiptail out and I tried bare handing the other guys who were less than cooperative. Finally got serious after I put a glove on and safely deposited the remaining critters on level gound. The barrel lids were replace and weighed down with rocks.

IMG_2051 by tomteske, on Flickr

Found another stranded red racer a while back in similar circumstance near Indian Hill: http://www.anzaborrego.net/anzaborrego/Forum/topic1024-west-of-indian-hill.aspx

We only brought a few liters each hoping to use a spring Daren and his friend Craig had discovered on a previous trip. If it was dry, the trip would be over.

Success. We were able to extract about 8L out of this seep. Reportedly it was flowing a lot better in the past but not doing so well now. Lots of swarming bees around the narrow entrance so I was volunteered to crawl in and filter the water.

IMG_2060 by tomteske, on Flickr

Lots of pretty flowers nearby, one with a little white spider who would stick his leg out from the petals presumably to feel vibrations off potential meals.

IMG_2064 by tomteske, on Flickr

View down Canebrake.

IMG_2075 by tomteske, on Flickr

Daren looking all explorer-y smile

IMG_2072 by tomteske, on Flickr

Ant Lions in a rock shelter.

IMG_2067 by tomteske, on Flickr

Since it was still really windy, we searched for another protected camp site for the night and promptly found this below another seep.

IMG_2082 by tomteske, on Flickr

After about 20 minutes of hacking reeds away, the result.

IMG_2095 by tomteske, on Flickr

The next morning and about time to pack up and head home. Enjoy. Tom

Toward Potrero by tomteske, on Flickr
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