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Posts: 30
About a month ago on President's Day I took a drive out of Escondido heading for ABDSP to check out a few hikes in the Lindsay guidebook. On the way there I stopped off at the San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area to "see what I could see". As it turned out, the answer was "not much", though I did enjoy the wide-open feel of the trail and serene silence found just a few hundred yards off S-2. I didn't see much wildlife, though...at least not directly.

Views from the trailhead:

The trail looks like an old ranch road, though I believe it may be part of the California Hiking and Riding Trail:

Like I said, I didn't directly observe any wildlife, though I did find this track, which I thought might be from a mountain lion:

Granite Mountain had some snow on its shoulders from the storm that had blown through that weekend:

Next I headed down 78 toward Ocotillo Wells. Passing through the Sentenac Cienega area, I paused to look for the remains of the stone cabin mentioned in the Lindsay book. Has anyone ever checked it out? I couldn’t see anything from the road and don’t know if there’s a trail nearby.

I proceeded down canyon until I turned off at the Plum Canyon sign and proceeded up the dirt road about two miles, taking the right fork to what I *thought* was the trailhead:

I now realize that the "short hike to a viewpoint overlooking Earthquake Valley" may have been at the end of the *left* fork. I swear I must have hiked 2+ miles (my definition of a "short hike") and didn't find any such viewpoint. Anybody know for sure? It was a great hike anyway, as I had the trail to myself. There are also numerous rock formations, dry waterfalls and other interesting stuff to look at:

After that excursion I wasn’t quite worn out and wanted to see more, since I don't get out that way very often. I headed down Yaqui Pass Road and parked by the closed Tamarisk Grove campground. Anyone know why it is closed? I'm guessing state budget cuts.
Some friendly fellow hikers offered me the last copy of the trail pamphlet, so I headed out on the short Yaqui Well trail. After a pleasant but uneventful stroll, I arrived at Yaqui Well. Even in late February I would have expected it to have some visible water, but as you can see it was largely dry. There were quite a few bees or wasps flying into the vegetation, so I would bet there was still some water down there somewhere:

On the way back I passed a few ocotillo with buds just starting to bloom:

All in all, it was a good trip, though I didn't see exactly what I was expecting. Passing through Julian on the way home I picked up an Apple Boysenberry pie at Mom's, and that always helps make a successful excursion.
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