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Talk about a trip you took out to Anza Borrego

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Posts: 607
Hard to believe this was two weeks ago. But I made time between Family to up load more pics.
As before I was hiking around and near the ancient Lake Cahuilla shore line.

This was not a meteor crater !

But, I followed a neat old trail to get there. G.Earth photo from about 1500 ft. up

Slightly above the ancient shore line. Sea shell fossils from the much older Imperial Sea. 5MYA

Slightly below the recent high water mark of the Ancient Lake Cahuilla. It's last full fill at around 600 years ago.
Smaller shells in silty shore sand.

More sleeping circles near the shore line of Lake Cahuilla

View from G.Earth about 10,000 ft up

Evidence of uplifting going on the flat lake bed

The Main trail was about 100 yds from the edge of the lake. There were multiple trails. Hard to imagine but, the old shore line was a whopping 250 miles long! Only a tiny percentage of this trail remains

Did a big loop and came out through a lower wash and found

Futher back down found this in the sand wash

Yikes! This area is closed to all???
I can see banning 4x4, ATV, dirtbikes. (There has been some 4x4 and motorcycle damage to the fragile desert patina in some areas) but to hikers??
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