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Posts: 2527

Posts: 2527
A 2 day backpack trip out into Indian Valley and the In-Koh-Pah mountains area with a couple friends. Great weather, saw some wildlife and enjoyed the great outdoors, also tried out my new Fujifilm XE-1 camera. My back is still messed up but I have acquired mostly all ultra light weight stuff now and can keep my pack down to about 20lbs with 2 liters of water, food and some booze....that is about my limit for now. I also carried another 2 liters of water in my hands, so 4 liters total, 2 each day.

Tom and Joel putting on their more than 20lbs backpacks...I know how that goes....

We came across an old cow carcass and Tom was quick to start pointing out how my back was messed up using the cow spine as a visual aid. Apparently this cow had a pretty screwed up back also

Gorgeous views of the desert floor and the surrounding Laguna Mountains. Clouds and light drizzle were moving in.

This was an old runway/airstrip back in the day, you can see the old winsock pipe and harness still standing

A panorama of Indian Valley

Lots of bony scat along the way and many morteros full of scat, what did the native americans do to keep animals from crapping in their grinding holes?

With the drizzle and dark clouds in the sky I picked out a nice boulder overhang to setup for the night

Tom had a real nice tent setup

Joel had a visitor snooping around his tent and backpack...Foxy Loxy had no fear....

Found a few pictos along the way

Whale Peak

Welcome to Ocotillo California

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