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Anza Borrego Recommendations

  1. Anza Borrego - Creature Desert in Borrego Springs
    Check out the amazing life size dinosaur sculptures in Borrego Springs 
    These amazing sculptures were built from scrap metal, wire and reinforcement bars by sculptor Ricardo Breceda. Map and more information here.

  2. Anza Borrego - Sunrise from Egg Mountain
    Camp on Egg Mountain and watch the sunrise in the morning
    You have a 360' view of the surrounding Carrizo Creek area and the sunrise coming up over the Salton Sea is incredible.

  3. Anza Borrego - Ocotillo's Lazy Lizard
    Stop in for a beer at "The Lazy Lizard"
    Hang out with some of the Ocotillo locals, have a beer (or soda), listen to Hank Williams Jr. on the jukebox and shoot a couple of games of pool. Can't think of a better way to start an Anza Borrego camping trip.Wink

  4. Anza Borrego - Bow Willow Palm Grove
    Hike to Bow Willow Palm Grove
    You will feel like you are Lawerence of Arabia when you find this grove of palms out in the middle of the Anza Borrego Desert.
    Detailed map is here

  5. Anza Borrego - Abandoned Box Cars near Goat Canyon Trestle
    Hike to the Goat Canyon Trestle
    There are basically 3 ways to get to Goat Canyon Trestle.
    1. Hike along the tracks from Dos Cabezas. (Pretty sure this is illegal)
    2. Hike from Carrizo Gorge Jeep Trail which intersects Goat Canyon.
      Will try this this Spring with my new GPS.
    3. Hike in from the Mortero Palms area. 
      (3 hours each way and lots of bouldering)


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