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Mysterious handprints at Piedras Grandes

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Snow in San Diego

Nice to have a LandCruiser when the weather turns bad. ;-)

Snow blanketed the Sunrise Highway turnoff and almost made it down to Jacumba

The Ocotillo were in full bloom everywhere we looked

Heading up the trail towards Piedras Grandes

The red tint of this Ocotillo caught our eye.

Red leafs of a healthy Ocotillo plantt

Evidence of the prior days rain in Anza Borrego

Mary says I am Yoni obsessed.

Bob tests his limbo skills under this leaning Ocotillo

The Horse and Rider Pictograph at Piedras Grandes

Mini bug-like pictograph.

No this handprint pictograph is not glowing. It is the reflection from my headlamp

Handprint pictograph at Piedras Grandes

Bob checks out the mysterious handprint pictographs

Anybody home?

Faint pictographs at the mouth of the handprint cave

Looking for more caves around Piedras Grandes

Mary's boots give scale to the miniature Wallace's Wooly Daisies that were sprouting along the wash.

We found many pottery fragments around Piedras Grandes. Of course we left them for others to enjoy.

This Chuparosa bush was starting to bloom.

The honey bees were enjoying the fragrant Desert Lavender

Closeup of Honey Bee on Desert Lavender

Checked out the cabin that was our home in the early 90s

Plenty of water in Pine Valley Creek

Small rapids under the bridge in Pine Valley Creek

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