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Random Photos

Anza Borrego Mud Caves Spring 2010

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Quick stop off the S2 for some flower pictures

Where we found this blooming Beavertail Cactus

Another angle of the Beavertail Cactus Bloom

Fishook Cactus only grow to about 6 inches or so, They can also be found south into Northern Mexico and east into Arizona.

First destination was Plunge Pool Cave

Mary and Austin at the entrance to Plunge Pool Cave

Blue desert sky above the large slot canyon

Brook squeezes into a smaller opening

Mary Susan, Zoey look after Austin

It was hard to keep up with Austin

Mark and Andrew head into the slot canyon

Some type of crystal along the hike?

These caves are formed by the heavy infrequent rains of the desert. The process is called Fluvial erosion.

Grille Master JP

Lunch at Che La Payne

Tom and mary inside the large room at the end of Plunge Pool Cave

Mary takes a break from all the crawling, ducking and climbing.

Lone Desert Sunflower in Arroyo Tapiado

Austin gives the rope a try in "Hidden Cave"

Waiting their turn in "Hidden Cave"

John taking the duck and squeeze approach

Cave master Mark found us an exit from Hidden Cave

The wash at Arroyo Tapiado

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