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Solstice Cave in Indian Valley

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Our traditional stop at the Subway in Jacumba

The drive into Indian Valley.

Small cave in Indian Valley

Coyote view of the trucks

Sombrero Peak is the highest mountain in the Southern Anza Borrego Desert

Waning Moon over Indian Valley

Testing out the new ARB Awning. This accessory was made for the desert :-)

Bob checking out a smaller cave near the trailhead

Indian Valley in Anza Borrego has many signs of Native American habitation. Morteros can be found on many of the flatter boulders in the valley.

Palm grove at the trail head

The search for the mysterious Indian Valley Solstice Cave was going to be harder than we thought.

Looking back down into the South Fork of Indian Valley.

Line of healthy Ocotillo high up on the ridge.

Large Yoni (?) high up on the ridge near the Solstice Cave

We found many interesting rock formations as we hunted for the Solstice Cave in Indian Valley.

View of the Salton Sea from high up on the ridge above Indian Valley

While this was not the Solstice Cave, the incoming sunlight did make a pretty cool triangle pattern on the cave wall.

vertical boulder

After hours of searching and enduring many cholla and catclaw scrapes we stumbled upon the Solstice Cave

The Solstice Cave was surprisingly large considering how hard it was to find

Bob taking a rest in the Solstice Cave

Sun Pictograph

We counted a half dozen sun pictographs on the ceiling of the cave

The sun pictographs varied in color from red to a faded orange

Orange sun pictograph

We were excited to find an antromorph pictograph near the rear of the cave,

Sun Pictograph in the Indian Valley Solstice Cave

Antromorph Pictograph in the Indian Valley Solstice Cave

Antromorph figure near back of cave

Orange sun in theSolstice Cave

Smaller pictograph that we couldn't quite make out.

This was my favorite sun pictograph

Multiple sun pictographs covered the ceiling of the Solstice Cave

This sun pictograph seemed to have a line drawn out of it.

Cool shot of a jet trail intersecting the brilliant desert sun

Hiking back from the Solstice Cave

ARB awning will be a great addition to many of our Anza Borrego adventures.

Bob and Daren take a well deserved "Bohemia" break after the hike.

Anza Borrego's S2 highway was deserted on this Thursday afternoon

Leaving Indian Gorge in the "BioCruiser".

Stopped to check out the Sunrise Powerlink staging area in Alpine on the way home. Apparently they are a bit worried about security.

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