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Anza Borrego Mud Caves 2011

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Following Mark's Tacoma into Arroyo Tapiado

The Mud Caves are very popular with the Boy Scouts

Checking the map

Base camp established. Time to explore

Some of the Mud Caves are wide and roomy

Kind of like being at Disneyland

Mary winds her way through one of the caves

The dried mud in Arroyo Tapiado makes for some interesting formations.

Bob navigating through a small slot canyon

Bob, Mary and Brook (background)

This was the exit we took from the E-Ticket cave.

Someone was kind enough to leave a marker for the next set of caves

Checking the map again

Mark negotiates under a small overhang

M is for Mud

Semi dry mud in one of the slot canyons

Ancient carving or did someone get creative on one of the canyon walls :) ?

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