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Exploring Myer Valley

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Late season snow near Pine Valley

Freeway debris, Sunrise Powerlink Towers, Native American Artifacts, target practice folks and beautiful desert all stuck between the high speed lanes of the Interstate 8 Freeway

Rugged backcountry of The Island which is located between the north and south bound lanes of Interstate 8

Looks like this surfboard never made it back to Arizona

We found loads of pottery on The Island

Beautiful desert on the Island

Blooming Barrel Cactus

Blooming Barrel Cactus

Blooming HedgeHog Cactus

Ocotillo Buds were scattered about

Fishook Cactus tucked beneath the rocks

Old pop top Coors Can

Road to nowhere. Old highway 80 was the major artery into California before the 8 Freeway was built

Tunnel under the freeway

We found Paola's backpack

Rock of Bob

Lupine in the wash

Old Miners Shack

Old Miners Shack

Old Miners Shack

Hedgehog Bloom

Hedgehog Blooms

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