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Revisiting the Inner Pasture - Anza Borrego

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Beavertail Cactus bloom

Ghost Flower

Blooming Barrel cactus

The small but photogenic Wallace's Woolly Daisy

Mary hiking up the canyon

Barrel Cactus Closeup

Barrel Cactus Closeup

Blooming Agave or Century Plant

Trio of Barrel Cacti

We came upon a group of Bighorn Sheep

Startled by our presence, the Bighorn Sheep were quick to disappear over the rocks.

Bigelow's MonkeyFlower

BrittleBush - Encelia farinosa

Beautiful Barrel Cactus Blooms

Large Blooming Ocotillo

Gander's Cholla. Look but don't touch :)

Discarded clothes left by undocumented travelers heading north

Lone Hedgehog Bloom

Mary taking a short cut back to the Land Cruiser

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