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Random Photos

Wildflowers and artifacts at Inner Pasture

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We met up with Daren at Indian Gorge

Yellow-Throat Monkeyflower prefer sandy washes of the lower desert


We were excited to find numerous blooming Barrel Cacti

The Desert Chicory is a member of the Sunflower family

Monkeyflower view of Mary hiking up towards Inner Pasture

Brilliant red Chuparosa bush

More Monkeyflower

Monkeyflower in Anza Borrego

Follow the pink lined road

I believe this is a type of California poppy

This is a Ghost Flower or Mohavea confertiflora

Spectacular blooming Barrel Cactus

Ghost Flower

Ghost Flowers prefer sandy washes and the lower areas of the Sonoran desert

Nice patch of Monkeyflower

Daren and Mary hiking up the wash towards Inner Pasture

Mary climbs the dry waterfall

Small barrel cactus growing out of rock

Small patch of Wallace's Wooly Daisies

Getting into the spirit of the Anza Borrego Wildflower season

Blooming Barrel Cactus near Inner Pasture - Anza Borrego

Brittle Bush (yellow) Chuparosa (red)

Bouquet of Monkeyflower and daisies

Inner pasture opens up to a huge mile wide valley

Old discontinued Jeep road

Ancient water cachement

Mary framed by a flowereing Brittlebush

We thought this was a faded pictograph

Huge 50 ton boulder

This Ocotillo was doing the wave

Century Plant blooming in Inner Pasture

Desert Pincushion blooms

We stumbled upon this old foundation in the middle of Inner Pasture - Anza Borrego

Bucket of bolts

Lizard checking us out

Looked like a pump set up

Shallow mortero in Inner Pasture

Lupine in Inner Pasture

Fence line in Inner Pasture - Anza Borrego Desert

We found an abundance of pottery shards in Inner Pasture.

Darkened pottery shard near the cave in Inner Pasture

A small portion of the treasures we found

Cave entrance

The cave was amazing with spectacular coloring

Taking a break inside the cave

Mary inside the cave

The cave was a labyrinth of rooms

The pictures do not do this cave justice. The colors were amazing.

Daren found this pottery shard with an interesting pattern embedded in it.

Cholla Pom-Poms

Sunrise Powerlink tower going up in McCain Valley :-(

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