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Anza Borrego a trip to Ghost Mountain

Marshall South and Ghost Mountain

I had heard the story of Marshal and Tanya South who, back in the 30's, carved an existence out of this rugged landscape.  Yaquitepec was the name they gave to their adobe homestead on top of this windswept peak, and it would be their home for 17 years.  In that time they lived off the land in much the same way the Kumeyaay Indians of the area did. They were finally forced out in 1945 by the Navy, but in that time raised three children and authored close to 100 articles for "Desert Magazine".

I simply had to check this out ! The hike up to the site is only about a mile but it is a decent climb up a switchback. I ended up running up the trail since Mary was waiting with Diesel at the car. Sorry no dogs are allowed on the trail. Frown

Yaquitepec Anza Borrego

The ruins are pretty amazing and you get a really good feel for what it must have been like to live up here. The views of the surrounding desert are incredible. As I began running back down the switchback to the waiting Landcruiser, I thought to myself "Hmm maybe I should sell off a couple of my 4x4s". Wink

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