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Posts: 153
It's been 1 month since i did this hike, I guess time slipped away from me and I am just now getting to this. This was my little excursion to try to find the Solstice Cave and possibly the Carrizo Pictos which I've been wanting to see for a number of years. The last time I was in Carrizo Gorge was when I placed a Geocache there after hiking the "easy" way to the trestle, from the floor of the gorge UP to the trestle. Probably the hardest way. Anyway after placing the geocache I went home and was not to return until 11 years later, which was last month. As I went to see if my cache was still there, which it wasn't, I realized that I had placed the cache right next to the pictos I'd been wanting to see, and didn't know it at the time.

The start of my day was trying to find Solstice cave and one my way up I found a Yoni rock carving that I had seen once on the internet but didn't know where it was. A chance stumbling, literally, upon the oni was pretty cool. ON my way up I kept going and going and thought I was too high. I looked at my landmarks and notes and I was about to turn around but I decided to go on alittle further but turned the corner of this boulder and there it was, the mouth of Solstice Cave. I was right on top of it and didn't even know it.

I have a video of the cave, not sure if the admins would like me posting it but if you would like to see it or if the admins are ok with it I'll post it.

Over, after having had 2 little ones in the past 7 years I have finally gotten back to my passion for hiking and exploring the desert. My first major hike and it wasn't too terribly bad. Getting ready for my hike into Beveridge canyon in the spring if anyone wants to join me.

on my way up

an oasis?

My truck is way down there

The terrain is pretty rugged up here, cliffs abound all around

Yoni rock

yoni rock there in the center at a distance

Me at the mouth of Solstice cave about to eat lunch

Inside of Solstice Cave

The Sun

Another Sun

Something else? Lizard, Bird or?

The time for the hike to Solstice cave was 3hrs 20 minutes with the 20 minutes being for lunch.
1000' gain and descent.
2 hours for ascent, 1 hour for descent, not back for this out of shape explorer.
The overall length of hike was about 2.3 miles from truck to solstice cave, but as the crow flies it was only .6 miles.
Yoni rock was halfway between my truck and the cave.Approx.

The it was off to Carrizo gorge for a fling with an old mistress.

As I finished checking my old geocache location I was wondering where to look for the pictos and the "Shamans" cave.
I was wondering around the base of the cliffs and decided to go back to my geocache location, and as I approached the location I looked up and caught a glance of what looked like a creepy looking stcik figure being. Sure enough there they were...

Morteros at the mouth

and the Pictos

I've been waiting for a few years to get back to this place to see these guys and I finally made it.

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