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Posts: 524
My wife left her trekking poles on the top of one of the north ridges above the canyon. Even though they were wally mart specials I went in yesterday and picked them up. While there I dug around the shack that's on the south side. Not much to see but here are the pictures. Not even sure if this was a McCain shack.

Old Bed frame
The usual suspects old wood, rusty iron, and old rusty cans laying about.
This must have been the roof section. I tapped it and heard a rattle under it, best leave this one be.
Some bones found which were not there the last time through. Lots of predators here. If your a wildlife photographer this is the place to camp out. Skull was about 4 or 5 inches across.
Creeks running high, probably from no evaporation.
Four frogs area? Perhaps there are some here.

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