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Posts: 153
Howdy folks, Larry here and a short intro. I've been looking at this site for sme time and finally decided I should join it.

I LOVE Carrizo Gorge, and the surrounding areas. I USED to live in Jacumba, boy was that an adventure.

I saw some posts about Davies Valley and Pinto Wash, want to check those places out someday, I know they are closed to vehicles, does that mean Bicycles too?

I did a geocaching trip into Myers Valley and above it and that's when I decided I needed to check out Davies Valley too. I've heard though it can be a bit sketchy with the illegals in the area? any word on that?

I've replied to a couple posts on the Carrizo Pictographs and about a Shamans cave in the Carrizo Palm grove. Would like to check those out...

anyway here's a couple galleries of two of the 3 trips to the trestle so far. The third trip was going to Indian hill and crossing over to the railway and walking down the tracks to the trestle. I didn't really take any pictures of that trip as it was not too exciting.
Trips 1:

Trip 2:

Does this group of rocks look familiar to anyone? there was a geocache in there but I'm wondering if this is close to the Carrizo pictographs? This is just after the drop off/drop down where the old road closed sign was. You can't go any further with a vehicle from here.

Train crossing the trestle:

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