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12 days ago
Posts: 45
I wasn't sure whether to post this under trip reports or here, but this is pretty hard to reach. Goat Benchmark is #45 on the Sierra Club San Diego Peak List. It is a small bump near the head of Hellhole Canyon and nearly invisible until you are right on top it. There are many small boulder piles in the area and picking it out without a GPS would take superior map skills. I used a GPS to find it, leaving from S22 and circling around to it from the north past the Thimble. I made a direct attempt in May from Culp Valley but ran out of time before reaching it that way. In one of the side canyons, I found deer parts and what looked like a juvenile deer head, still with some wet brain matter inside. Insects hadn't had enough time to clean it up completely.

Starting at sunrise

Goat is a small bump out there somewhere


Passing by The Thimble

Juvenile deer I think

As far as other wildlife, I startled a couple of adult mule deer, but they were too fast for me to get any photos. Jackrabbits and birds were in abundance. Bighorn scat was everywhere, but I didn't see any. It seemed like a long time before I finally laid eyes on Goat. Once found, the summit was an easy boulder. A higher mound stands just behind it. The register went back to 2001 and was quite thin. I was the fifth party to visit Goat in 2017. It doesn't see much activity. Unless you are chasing the San Diego list, there is no reason to go there. If you end up there by accident, you are probably in serious trouble. I don't know why the US Army Corps of Engineers decided to mark it, but I really appreciated the remoteness. It had great views, being sort of Hellhole Central.

Benchmark and register cans

Looking down Hellhole Canyon

Here it is circled from my trip in May, the direct route is pretty tough

On my way back, I climbed Clyde and Hut BM, I had done Bonny on a previous trip

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