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Posts: 890
Short trip to participate in a wildlife tracking survey near Ocotillo Wells. Picnic lunch at Christmas Circle in 112F was worthwhile because of 'The Roadrunner'.

It proceeded to stalk and kill a mourning dove.

Repeatedly slammed the dove to the ground.

The roadrunner didn't eat the dove, just walked off 30 feet and rested, while the great-tailed grackles looked on in shock. We returned a few hours later and the dove carcass was still there.

The next day, we did the wildlife track and sign survey.

Saw the tracks of Colorado Fringe-Toed Lizard, Desert Kangaroo Rat, Coyote, Shovelnose Snake, Desert Iguana, and lot of other stuff.

Fringe-Toed Lizard:

Tracks of Desert Iguana:

Shovel-nosed snake:

Kangaroo Rat tail drag marks:

and coyote tracks

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