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Posts: 6
Dear forum members,

This is not a request you'll receive every day, but I'm looking for as many "captured in the wild" mylar balloons as I can get.

I'm an artist employing them as components in mixed-media assemblages, and I'm running out of specimens I've been able to gather myself over the years.

I'll pay $5 apiece for them if you'd like to be compensated for your efforts. I live in central San Diego and can pick them up in person, or would be happy to pay additional for postage if a meetup can't work. I can pay via cash, and by all the usual electronic means.

The condition of the balloons does not matter- they can be a day old or crumbling pieces from a decade in the sun. Ribbon tethers are part of my designs, so having those included would be nice, if they are present.

Ideally, I'd like to have a rough location of where they were dicovered, whenever possible.

I am serious about this. Feel free to contact me here via PM.

Apologies if this is not the proper sub-forum for this topic; if so, please move to a more appropriate location.

Respectfully, ~J

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